Workshop on Social Media and the Web of Linked Data
at EUROLAN 2015 Summer School on Linguistic Linked Open Data
18 July 2015 | Sibiu, Romania


Workshop on Social Media and the Web of Linked Data
18 July 2015, Sibiu, Romania

A satellite event of EUROLAN-2015
Summer School on Linguistic Linked Open Data

Social media is a constant in our life, influencing the way we think, interact, learn, consolidate relationships and understand society. As a result of the rapid worldwide acceptance and usage of social media, more and more content is becoming available as each day passes. Both because of its importance and its increasing volume, it is not surprising that information from Social Media is rapidly becoming an essential source for natural language processing (NLP) research.

At the same time, Linked Data is emerging as an increasingly important topic for NLP. Work in the field has produced massive amounts of linguistic data, including annotated corpora, lexicons, databases, and ontologies, in formats that enable their exploitation in the Semantic Web. Linking the contents of these resources to each other as well as to common ontologies can enable access to and discovery of detailed linguistic information and could foster a major leap forward in NLP research and development.

RUMOUR-2015 aims to gather innovative approaches for exploitation of social media using semantic web technologies and linked data by bringing together research on the Semantic Web, Linked Data, and the Social Sciences. The workshop will bring together practitioners, researchers, and scholars to share examples, cases, theories, and analysis of social media and linked data in order to address the intersection among these areas. This intersection includes not only the challenges of problems such as the understanding and acting upon large-scale data of different kinds, provenance, and reliability, but also the use of these media for crisis management, which involves issues of credibility, accountability, trustworthiness, privacy, authenticity, and provision of provenance information.

The workshop is part of EUROLAN-2015 Summer School (the 12th in the series of EUROLAN schools), which will provide a comprehensive overview of Linguistic Linked Open Data, including introduction to formalisms for representing linguistic resources, extracting and integrating knowledge from text, semi-structured and badly structured data, ontologies and reasoning, exploitation of big data using semantic web query languages, reasoning capabilities and much more.

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