Overview of the Summer School

The new information and communication technologies have changed the business management climate. Organizations use everyday technological innovations to become more competitive. With the rapid development of natural language processing techniques, as well as their use in ever more industrial applications, the link between companies and academia is more necessary than ever.

In this context, the EUROLAN 2011 summer school will provide one week of intensive study of the natural language processing technologies currently under development to support industrial applications. Internationally known scholars, researchers (with the particular involvement of scientists from the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance – META), but also industrials involved in leading-edge work in innovative areas of natural language processing will give lectures at the school (tutorials, hands-on labs and demos) to share with students in-depth understanding and experience.

Topics to be covered in the school include the following:

- question answering in mobile applications;

- extracting information from web search queries;

- finite state technologies;

- latest developments in machine translation;

- technologies for chaining NLP components;

- sharing and exploitation of multilingual resources, including corpora, tools and datasets;

- success stories of NLP-based industrial applications.

The venue of EUROLAN 2011 is Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in the heart of Transylvania. An excursion to Alba Iulia and Sibiu is planned at the school’s mid-point.

Whatever the venue, the EUROLAN summer schools are well known for the degree of camaraderie that develops among students and professors alike – just ask any previous participant! Students in the school learn an enormous amount, but at the same time enjoy the warmth of new friendships with both fellow students and professors.

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